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MVMDS provides a wide range of services for on-shore and underwater solutions. We offer expertise and resources for the design, construction, and environmental services necessary for your underwater project to succeed.

All our MVMDS employees excel in the most demanding marine, and sub-marine projects of many scales with equipment and expertise handled only by the most qualified personnel. Here at MVMDS, we ensure that our clients’ interest always comes first.

Navigation Aids

Navigation aids are an essential part of Maritime Safety Law. Unexpected outages can have severe safety and financial implications. MVMDS is dedicated to providing rapid response to resolve navigational aid outages in addition to preventing outages through meticulous scheduled maintenance.


A well designed and maintained mooring acts as an insurance policy against damage and loss of assets due to unforeseen weather events. MVMDS provide peace of mind with a fully comprehensive approach to design, installation, and maintenance. From the smallest recreational moorings to the largest cyclone rated commercial moorings.

dolphin hook change out.jpg
Jetty / Wharves

From small fishing jetties to large scale ship loading facilities, wharves and jetties are an integral asset to any maritime operation. MVMDS provide rigorous inspection and maintenance programs ensuring prolonged asset life.

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Whether it is a small transfer vessel or a large bulk carrier, downtime is costly and frustrating for both operators and clients. MVMDS have a highly mobile, rapid response team that can act immediately 24/7 to get you back underway.

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Sunken or washed up vessels can cause catastrophic damage to the delicate marine eco systems. Lost mooring systems or fouled anchors can cause costly delays. MVMDS' rapid response, meticulous safety and environmental planning, and experienced divers provide the solution to any salvage requirements.

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Cutting / Welding

Removing large objects for repair can be a costly and time consuming exercise. MVMDS offer a range of solutions for in-water repair as well as the option of cutting and removing both shipping and environmental hazards.

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Environmental Services

Environmental concerns and the regulations surrounding marine operations is one of the fastest growing fields in mining and marine logistics. MVMDS is an experienced facilitator to all aspects of both scientific and environmental surveys and can accommodate any survey requirements.

Other Services

MVMDS' dynamic and experienced team can offer solutions to all your maritime problems. If you are looking for a service that is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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